Designers Kris Gene and Eva Milinkovic founded the internationally acclaimed decorative glass firm Tsunami Glassworks in 2004 which serves designers and architects with unique, luxurious, contemporary glass sculpture and decor. LUMA formed in 2016 out of a dream to create exclusive, original, sculptural statement lighting utilizing Tsunami Glassworks facility and expertise.

LUMA is a one stop supplier of spectacular custom lighting from concept to finished product. The LUMA facility houses some of the finest craftsman and designers in the country. With extensive experience in metal and glass fabrication, we provide beautifully tailored lighting that suits the finest spaces and environments.

LUMA’s collections form from a rich material palette that incorporate hand blown glass, hand brushed brass & bronze, hand brushed & hand patina steel. LUMA’s fixtures are made to order, which allows for each piece to be tailored to a client’s needs. All of LUMA’s fixtures are assembled by hand, one fixture at a time.

After over a decade, the studio remains proudly Canadian made.