custom project process and services


This working relationship is one of the most important to us, and will facilitate the ease with which the project will develop progress and be actualized. Inspiration and ideas are shared. At this point we work on understanding what the key aesthetics our clients are looking for, and figuring out the best way in which to achieve this look. Each project is unique and so we strive to understand all of the key variables to facilitate meeting our client’s expectations. Our goal is to find the most elegant and cost effective means to provide the client what they want, be it material options, or manufacturing options.


It takes a strong partnership to formulate what the final product is going to look like. Our crew of experts help the client understand which possibilities in the manufacturing process directly impact the overall design. We work hard to meet all key design features that our clients are looking for. During this phase all modifications and revisions are worked through to facilitate the next phase.


As part of the engineering criteria we work hard to develop the final fixture in such a way that facilitates a pain free installation. We have considerable resources at our hand, including the latest solid modeling software as well as tools for visualization and rendering. At the end of this phase we will have working shop drawings ready for fabrication. All of the appropriate information is compiled throughout this phase and is available for site engineers, including weights, and mounting details. It is most important that the final site of the fixture is prepared adequately to facilitate installation of the final fixture. This includes proper blocking and support, as well as access to electrical.



LUMA has a variety of in-house manufacturing resources including metal fabrication utilizing several metal forming processes and a talented crew of glass artisans and fabricators. We take pride in our manufacturing abilities paying special attention to finish and quality craftsmanship with the utmost attention to detail.



The finished fixtures can be hung by a certified electrician, and if the project is larger and more involved, we have a talented crew of installers to hang the fixtures. If the lighting fixture is to be installed by another party LUMA will provide the appropriate support material and instruction to aid installation.